Model Portfolio

    Our motivation for creating model portfolio service is to achieve our end goal of providing an opportunity to an average retail investor to generate wealth in the long run and that too at an affordable cost. We believe that there is an unmet need for a retail investor with reasonably sized portfolio for a SIP based, portfolio focused and customized service for following reasons.

    • The PMS services available in the market focus on investors having portfolio above certain thresholds. Many of the retail investors may not have large enough portfolio size to start with that meet with the threshold.

    • The cost of PMS services is too high and reduces the "real return" for an average investor substantially.

    Portfolio review & structuring

    We are offering this service, which is first of its kind in India and highly customized by its nature. We recognize that there exists a need for investors who have “legacy portfolios” which have been generating sub optimal returns. An Investor would want to restructure his/her portfolio to increase the likelihood of generating above average returns in future.

    Service Offerings

    • Real time update on model portfolio on application

    • Daily performance review report for the portfolio.

    • Periodic update notes for portfolio/non-portfolio companies based on quarterly results/conference calls/ management interactions.

    • E-mail response to subscriber queries on all the questions related to portfolio/investments

    Why should you subscribe?

    Here are few reasons why we think, the offering adds value to the subscriber

    • As evident from the track record of our investments in the past, we have been able to generate decent out-performance over the benchmark without taking undue risk. We believe that the with the structured process that we have been able to model and discipline that we have inculcated to follow this process, the Model Portfolio provides an opportunity for retail investors to generate serious wealth over long period of time thus helping them achieve financial security for themselves and their family

    • The model portfolio largely reflects our own portfolio (where we have invested our own, friend′s and family′s money) except for the investments where we feel that uncertainty is too high for retail investors. This means, we have our "skin in the game" and hence our incentives are aligned to make this portfolio perform

    • Subscription fee will just a fraction of the possible wealth creation that can happen over a period of time

    Before You Make Up Your Mind

    We want to be upfront in setting the expectation levels before one subscribes to our services. We would want avoid situations where there is a gap between your expectation and our delivery. We want the subscribers to acknowledge and be comfortable with following aspects of our investment philosophy. We strongly recommend you to mull over these points and subscribe only if you concur with our philosophy or are can live with the fall out this investment approach.

    • We do not have any expertise in timing the market. Hence, we would not be able to provide any advice on short term movements/trends for a particular investment or for that matter the broad market. All our investments are made with an investment horizon of 2 years and more.

    • Even though, we do periodically assess the broad market conditions and keep tab of few important developments on macro economic factors, we are in no way expert in predicting or understanding macro-factors. Our sole focus is on buying a high quality business at a price substantial discount to its intrinsic value and stay invested till this anomaly is corrected.

    • We want the subscribers to acknowledge that historically, the returns from crypto investment have been lumpy in nature and may remain lumpy in future as well. Thus, the investors shall be prepared to withstand the periods of negative returns in the whole investment life cycle.

    • Due to our risk averse approach towards investing, we expect the model portfolio to outperform the benchmark in declining and sideways market while yield slight under performance in rising market. However, net-net, we expect model portfolio shall be able to outperform the benchmarks over market cycles.

    • Even though, we try to do the balancing act between the risk of losing capital and missed opportunity , we are not averse to holding cash/liquid investments when we do not find attractive investment avenues or in over heated markets.

    • We do not evaluate the performance of model portfolio on quarterly basis as we think that for a long term investors like us, a quarter is too short a timeframe to evaluate the performance. Quarterly performance review is also counterproductive as it acts as catalyst for undesired level of activity (re-balancing portfolio) and may increase churn in the portfolio.